About Chabad House Amsterdam

Chabad of Central Amsterdam

Have you ever been approached to put on Tfilin or to light Shabbat candles by a Chabad representative?

Wherever you travel you'll find us!

And that's actually precisely what the Lubavitcher Rebbe asked from all of us: To light up the world with Mitzvot, to do lots of good deeds and to love one another with authentic Ahavat Yisrael.

As the famous goes: Wherever there is Coca Cola you'll find Chabad!

And yes, in Amsterdam we also have Coca Cola...!

Our Chabad House is there for you, we'd love to meet you at your next visit to Amsterdam!

In name of the team of Chabad Central Amsterdam,

Rabbi Akiva and Taiby Camissar

Chabad shluchim

Rabbi Akiva Kamissar

Chabad Shliach

Mrs. Taibi Kamissar

Chabad Shlucha

We are available here

Albert Cuypstraat 165 1073 BC
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