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Where are kosher restaurants and shops?

‘Machane Yehuda’ in Chabad.

There are other restaurants in the center and in the south of the city.
This link has all the details.


What is the hechsher of the restaurants?

Machane Yehuda Is under the Kashrut of Rabbi Akiva Camissar, the Rabbi of the Israeli community in Netherlands..
All other kosher restaurants and shops are under the hechsher of the Amsterdam Mehadrin Rabbinate.

Where can you pray during the week?

Beit Midrash Etz Chaim (located in the south of Amsterdam)
Address: Merckenburg 3, 1082 BT, Amsterdam.

Lekstraat Synagogue (located closer to the city center)
Address: Lekstraat 61, 1079 EM Amsterdam.

Can I order food from you for Shabbat?

Yes. Orders can be placed until Wednesday 22:00pm of that same week. For details click here.

Is my hotel close to you?

For a list of hotels close to the Chabad House, please click here

Does my hotel have a regular key?
How can I register for Shabbat meals at Chabad House?

You are more than welcome to join Shabbat meals at Chabad House.
For details and to register please click here.

Which hotels have a kosher breakfast?

These two hotels offer kosher breakfast:

Ibis-budget-Amsterdam-South friendly Saturday

Holiday Inn Express - South friendly Saturday.

Both are about 20 minutes walk from the kosher shops and restaurants.
It is located in the south of Amsterdam in Buitenveldert, this is the Jewish area.

Is there an Eruv in Amsterdam?

You can see the map of Eruv in Amsterdam in this link.

Do you have Men/Ladies Mikvah?

For details about the Mikvah please click here.

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