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Traveler information

Time in Amsterdam 07:37
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Time in Amsterdam 07:37
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For the Jewish tourist Amsterdam can be divided in two
Center of Amsterdam – Tourist attractions and the ‘Chabad House’
South of Amsterdam – Synagogues and Kosher food

It takes around 30 minutes by public transportation to get from the center of town to the south of Amsterdam.

We recommend visitors to book rooms in hotels near the Heineken Experience.

The Chabad House

The Chabad House is located in the heart of the Albert Cuyp Market.

We have a synagogue, coffee-corner, we provide tourist information, and of course information about our Shabbat meals. And Machane Yehuda – your kosher place in Amsterdam

General information

The airport is called: Schiphol

Language spoken: Dutch (Most people also speak excellent English)

Time: GMT+2

Currency: Euro €

Population: Around 800.000 people in the city of Amsterdam

Public transportation

Public transportation is very well organized throughout the entire city.

Please click here for info on public transportation within the city.

There are many bike-lanes, as riding on bikes is the most popular, fast and easy way of moving around the city, and so it’s recommended to rent bikes, especially in summer.

How to get to the center of Amsterdam from Schiphol airport:

By Train

In the middle of the terminal you’ll find escalators that take you down to the trains, but before going down one first needs to purchase a ticket, either at the electronic ticket-stands in the middle of the terminal, or at the ticket office. As many trains from the airport pass the center of Amsterdam, you need to make sure to get onto a train that stops there as well. Therefore look at the signs which trains stop at ‘Centraal Station’ or ‘Amsterdam CS’.

A one-way ticket costs €5.

For advance ticket purchase and for more information please click here.

By Bus

Bus #197, outside the terminal you’ll find several bus platforms.

Look for platform B9 or B11.

The bus passes every 15 minutes.

A one-way ticket costs around €5.

By Taxi

We recommend you only use recognized taxi companies and advice strongly not to accept rides from private drivers who hang around the arrivals hall.

Taxis can be found when exiting the terminal.

From the airport to the center of Amsterdam costs approximately €42 for up to 4 people, €55 for up to 7 people.

For Hebrew speaking drivers and very friendly service please contact Easyrider.

Directions from the central station to Chabad

Traveling by metro is the easiest and fastest way.
Get on line 52 heading south – Zuid. Get of in De Pijp station (the 3th stop).
Exit the station towards the Albert Cuyp market.
A few minutes’ walk and you are there. Chabad will be on your left side in the middle of the market at number 165.


Parking in the city center is very expensive, around €6 per hour. If you come to Amsterdam by car and would like to tour the city, we recommend you park in the Rai car parking at €1 per day, and to take the metro to the city center, which is a very short ride. Please click here for details on the parking.

Tourist attractions

Portuguese Synagogue

Anne Frank House

Jewish Museum

Heineken Experience

Flower Market

Madame Tussaud

Albert Cuyp Market

Canal Boat Ride

A’dam lookout

This is Holland

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


Above mentioned tourist company Easyrider , is owned by Israelis who provide tour packages around the country, with pickup from the hotel.

We also highly recommend ‘We are Amsterdam‘ An Israeli-owned tourist company that provides tours, tickets to attractions, canal cruises and more.


The Rabbinate of Amsterdam made an Eruv that surrounds almost the entire city of Amsterdam.
Please click here for a map of the Eruv.

Kosher shops and restaurants

All Kosher restaurants are under rabbinical supervision of the Amsterdam rabbinate which is considered Mehadrin.

All meat is Glatt and all dairy is Cholov Yisroel.

City Center

‘Machane Yehuda’
Lovely place for lunch or dinner. The place is located on the lower floor of the Chabad House. A selection of entrees, meats, fish and desserts at reasonable prices. The place is under the Chabad House kashrut.

La’ Biss
Street food. Israeli meat and vegetarian kitchen

City South

The following restaurants are all located in the south of Amsterdam, in the area called ‘Buitenveldert’.

Meat me kosher – Steakhouse

Pizza & Co – Pizza, Pasta, French fries and more

Food court Amsterdam City South 

Rimon Deli – Bakery, Coffee corner, Grocery and Catering

Mouwes – Grocery, Coffee corner

Supermarkets with Kosher departments


– Buitenveldert Kastelenstraat (big department, including frozen food items.)

– Buitenveldert Buitenveldertselaan

Albert Heijn:

Groot Gelderlandplein


Schnitzelekker -Schnitzel pita – schnitzel baguette – burger – fries and more

Kashrut list

Please click to see the Kashrut list.

We are trying to update this page from time to time for the benefit of travelers, this page was last updated on 10/04/24

Enjoy and stay safe,
The Chabad House staff

Shabbat in Amsterdam

There is an Eruv in the city Amsterdam View Eruv map


Dear Guests,

You are invited to join us for Shabbat meals in a unique Jewish atmosphere at the Chabad House in central Amsterdam.

Chabad House provides high-quality Shabbat meals in terms of both food and kashrut.

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